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InTech Trains

Coming Soon:

We are currently collecting and developing product lines to be added to this site.  There will be a mixture of products that are manufactured in house and hard to find quality products that support half inch scale.

Big Train Backshop:

We will be stocking all eight of the 1:24 fine scale kits offered.  The selection of kits include a 20' ore car, a tank car based on a West Side Lumber Co. prototype, and several versions of flat cars and gondolas, all based on narrow gauge prototypes.  No stock, box, or passenger cars yet.  These kits or of basswood and finely detailed plastic and metal at very affordable pricing.  None of the kits include trucks or couplers.

Ryan’s Trucks:

We will be stocking these hard to find trucks in 3 gauges, all 1/2” scale DG&RGW Archbar Freight Trucks.  These finely crafted trucks are perfect for use on the Big Train Backshop kits or for upgrading the trucks on your Delton rolling stock at a very reasonable price.  These are highly detailed Delrin plastic side frames, bolsters, and brakes, with metal wheels.

Passenger Car Power - We are working on a passenger car power product line. This will be compatible with DCC and the old analog power.  It uses extremely small custom hose-like connectors between cars and plugs into the tender or locomotive for power rather than using the high-friction wheel contacts on each car.  The power can be used to operate any number of items in the cars such as our lighting kits and smokers.  By connecting to the locomotive, a DCC lighting function can be used to control the passenger car power.  A boost power regulator is available for analog track voltage to provide stable lighting with very low track voltage and a supercap greatly reduces problems with dirty track connections and intermittent power when crossing switches.  Removing the magnetic arm on the coupler and adding the two cables between the cars greatly improves the looks of you passenger cars.  We will first introduce this product line for N-Scale but will quickly add HO through G.

Advanced Block Monitoring - Another product line we are working on counts the rolling stock as it enters and leave a block of track.  This is used to detect clear track or show that a car came uncoupled in a tunnel.  Twin optical sensors placed between the ties next to a rail would use an overhead light source to detect a car or loco entering or leaving a section of track.  Up to 4 of these can be connected to a block monitor that would keep count of the cars on that block.  A clear button and increment button are used to initialize the counter and an LED indicates if the block is occupied.  This system is expandable to as many blocks as you want with each sensor capable of driving two block monitors.  Alternatively, the block monitors can connect to a computer through a networked RS232 connection.  This system will be available for all scales. 

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